Update Sent Our Way – We moved BHRR’s Baron for one week to another emerge temp foster home – one he has gotten to know and loves since his time with the first emerge temp foster home. He is back with his first home as of Thursday the 18th. He is scheduled to arrive to BHRR on August 28th.


all is well with baron, he has made himself quite at home.

with me, my daughter and kato (6 month old lab) and any other dog friends

that come over to play he is a gentle giant.

he feels comfort in knowing, at all times where i am.  he listens when i say no, 

 and does not steal food from the kitchen anymore!!!  when put in his crate, he eats,

 barks for about 10 minutes then settles down. 

baron will now sit for a treat before being asked!!!

very cautious and guarded when there is a human male near, he will bark and want

to get between us, reassurance that all is ok seems to work.

baron thrives on gentle kind words of encouragement to calm a situation where

he feels threatened or ill as ease.

we go to the water everyday to cool off and have playtime, he swims, fetches sticks 

(doesn’t retrieve) digs in the sand and wrestles with kato, he loves it!!

i have been noticing his right eye seems to get a bit redder when he is tired.

baron is a big boy with a big appetite and a big heart!!

i thank you for putting your trust in me  with watching this lovely boy,”