BHRR’s Hercules’ turn! He has now been dropped off for his own special day date with special picnic snack! Bit of a blurry photo and still damp from a fresh bath this AM!

I have already received a message from the home that he is a HUGE hit, yet, we already know that as he is such a WOW dog! BHRR’s Hercules has always been a happy boy, even with that terrible leg injury plus chronic pain that no one ever treated him for yet he is now so much more happy, healthier and mobile since his amputation and he is also available for adoption!!

We remain patient as does he for that right matched forever loving home to find him. He is a rare bomb proof dog….incredibly well balanced and sound!

Since I posted about BHRR’s Gentle Jake’s own overnight picnic play date yesterday, people have been asking if they too can have dates. 15 out of 16 of these particular dates are part of an incredibly unique and one of a kind creative fundraiser that BHRR has been doing hosting for over 5 years now. 🙂

Other dates that we have are for any of our BHRR approved Volunteers. We do not have dates for the general public as part of our regular rehab programs. There is screening and waivers involved also.

I have now picked up BHRR’s Gentle Jake from his own overnight date and getting ready to make the drive home. Yup! I commit a lot of my time and personal pocket money on gas plus picnic groceries for these special picnics yet so worth it….these dogs deserve so much and we are determined to give it to them!!