BHRR’s Scooby – 2008 – May 3rd, 2016

These posts never get any easier to make and so they should not……each loss just rips my heart to shreds and devastates my soul…..20+ years later and it each loss hurts brutally.

BHRR’s Scooby’s temp foster home(he had been with me from November to March and then March – May in temp foster care) called me to say that he was not breathing well, and they were rushing him into the Hospital. I said I am leaving now and on my way. Per his foster home, he had no signs or symptoms of being ill…maybe a rare cough or two over the previous couple of days they said. Was eating and drinking and nothing abnormal that they noted. He was perhaps a bit more quiet they said, yet nothing that worried them….BHRR’s Scooby has always been a chill boy.

Got a call en-route that his breathing was really bad, x-rays and u/s not good and I made the immediate decision that my selfish heart in wanting to be there for him had to take a big back seat for his well being was the most important.

I said do not have him suffer, please hold him tight in your loving arms and tell him how much he is loved by so m any, including me and to cross him over in comfort and security…..

AND he was……and I got there too late and had to say my own good-byes afterwards. I can count on one hand the number of BHRR dogs that I have not been there to help cross over – two…BHRR’s Scooby is #2 in 20.5 years….

It crushed me so much, yet it was the right thing to do and this boy who turned 8 this year, really should have had more quality time in his life.

To lose his young(early 30’s) O. to Cancer and then his own life less than a year later is heart-wrenching.

BHRR’s Scooby was a big hit at the Community Education Event that we were at and such a solid, sound boy. He lost weight, developed muscle tone/mass and such an affectionate, caring, gentle, loving soul he was…..

Looked over by many when he was ready to be placed up for adoption December 24th, 2015, – he arrived to BHRR November 21st, 2015 – those that knew him, knew him to be the handsome precious gem he was and was a big fav at our BHRR “EXPERIENCE” Mini Open Houses, Annual ‘CHAIN OF SUCCESS” Potluck etc.

He would have been an amazing therapy dog. Age was but a number…he was fit, happy and loved his walks/hikes and made a real great snuggle companion.

He did not meet a cat, dog, person and even horse that he did not like and the world has lost a HUGE gorgeous soul…..his presence is solely missed.

As with all of those that leave us too soon, BHRR’s Scooby, I shall continue to see and visit you in my dreams…hearing those adorable sounds of yours and seeing the way that you would tilt your head with so much sage wisdom with a spark of humour and monkey side in those stunning eyes…..

BHRR’s Scooby is now laid to rest with all those that have crossed before him at BHRR….he lays near BHRR’s Bloom and the wee merle male boy that did stillborn April 14th when Mama GD Marbles had her Puppy Pile.

RIP you dear boy……..