My last post of my night is to share another photo of this lovely new BHRR boy! Thanks Jane again!

This is him with ‘Ernest’, also headed to rescue this weekend. They did a lot of travelling together on this transport.

Now that I have him in my hands, though some photo’s may look like he has a medical concern with his eye, per my op on him, it is actually HAWS. That was what I had wondered at one point and then when I saw the transport list stating he had ‘cherry eye’, I was like, ‘ok, we will get that addressed’.

He does not have cherry eye. He has HAWS. HAWS is a layman’s term for when the nictating membrane, the third eyelid is visible. He does not need or require any corrective surgery. It is considered a minor fault in Danes for dog showing purposes. It does not pose any health concern for him.

He is settling in well. Skinny, still quite quiet(yet, that can be for a number of reasons, he has had some minor post op neuter complications), and appears super soft and sweet.  Typical Dane with those mega leans of his! Soft curious eyes and he sure is going to be laying claim to his fair share of hearts.

He is going to need a BHRR name befitting his beautiful nature……