Someone was so sad yesterday when I went to pick her up…..then when she saw me, she was so happy.

BHRR’s Flame had her ‘big girl’ day yesterday (pic taken at the Hospital is not the best for once she saw me, she wanted out!). She was spayed and microchipped.

She weighed 13.6 Kgs so has not yet even crossed 30 pounds at four months of age and so a ‘wee’ giant who is not taking after her GD Mama Eve at all! At this rate of growing, she may make 70-75 pounds and 100% feisty!

In about a week or so, she will have her own special announcement to make and I am going to feel like such a proud ‘parent’! Hard to believe that she once was 2 weeks of age being held plus tube fed in my hands….

She had a quiet yet a really good night and took her Tramadol like a champ with a small amount of food and lots of gentle cuddles…even fell asleep in my arms as we pulled her iv line out last night…