On March 11th, not only is BHRR’s Baby Kaos having his neuter plus latest x-rays, BHRR’s Ani is having her next surgery for her fibromatous epulides of the periodontal ligament. It will be a busy day as one of my own Great Danes, Salt will be old enough for his own neuter. 🙂

What many may remember from her official diagnosis blog post made May 1st, 2015,

“The condition is called fibromatous epulides of the periodontal ligament. Basically a growth of the periodontal ligament that can also displace the teeth.”

In learning more re: the treatment of this – complete resection of these – is not as good/positive as we once were informed it could be. BHRR’s Ani is an ‘older’ 5.5+ year old Great Dane.  To get complete resection however we’re likely to require excision of some of the bone, so removal of part of her mandible. With the support of her one Vet at KAH, this was not believed to be in her best interest in the end to do this procedure.

So, when the growths reach a point of them interfering with her quality of eating and comfort of well-being, we have her sedated and the growths excised.

She has more than put back all the weight that she had lost during her time in her foster home, when all of this began in spring 2015 and we monitor her closely. Her wonderful past temp foster home was not comfortable in taking her back as they worried that they would miss something and she would drop weight dramatically again etc. We understand and they are now temp fostering another amazing BHRR animal for us instead and doing a fabu job!

Her enjoyment plus quality of life – soft cushy dog beds, fireplaces, being grumpy/bossy to some of the other dogs – is top notch in her books! She also greatly loves her walks/hikes on our almost 148 acres and then having her feet all cleaned up and patted dry(princess!), getting a treat and snoring up a tune with a nap afterwards!

She is a loveable hoot!