BHRR’s Baby Kaos – January 2nd, 2016

Everyone’s favourite ‘gimpy’ GD puppy is growing up!

On the 2nd, he had the first of two special overnight picnic play dates and this is a photo of him at his first overnight play date having a blast!

He settled in well and had a great experience! Thank you to the home for winning this auction item and choosing him to have this incredible time to keep him becoming the wonderful well balanced and rounded boy that he is!

He is scheduled for his neuter(his one testicle did finally drop!) and repeat x-rays plus thorough exam under anesthetic on March 11th.

Should those x-rays show that he has continued to be healing well, we will be taking the next big step of him making his special announcement! We just have to wait for his two ortho specialists to give the thumbs up!  If it is not yet his time, then that is ok too…patience….we shall remain patient.

He has been on an incredible rehab journey and when that time comes that he is ready to be placed up for adoption(we do not take applications on dogs prior to them being placed up for adoption) that right matched forever loving home is going to be getting a BIG gem!

He is awesome!