BHRR’s Rubble was at the Vet tonight!(Sorry, no photo’s to post…not sure why they are MIA on my phone now! )

He weighed just under 55 KGs(121 pounds) and is still putting on much needed weight. He is solid lean muscle, just rippling. His Vet was quite impressed.

We had his eyes thoroughly examined as they have been a bit runny and he does have some mild Entropion(nothing that requires any surgical intervention at this time). He has been placed on some eye medications – Fucithalmic- for both eyes.

He was a really good boy…..he did smack his almost fully healed happy tip of his tail on the set of doors into the Hospital and opened it up slightly. Poor boy.

He had his boosters, a thorough exam and we did an Accuplex (heartworm and tick borne diseases) and also pre-op blood work in preparation for his neuter.

I was really proud of him….

He even was so good natured to allow my Skor, also brought in for her own annual to hog most of the back seat of my car!

He liked to rest his head on my shoulder while I was driving.

His leash manners continue to improve and he is one powerhouse of a boy.

In the right home, when he is ready, this sometime quirky yet uber affectionate playful super wonderful boy shall make a fabu addition!