DNA Guessing Game time! BHRR’s Griffin’s DNA results are finally in!

ALL in fun!

He is a mixture of 4(FOUR) lovely breeds! I was right about one of them!

What do you think he is mixed with?!

I shall edit this post as the correct guesses come in!


Katrie guessed Great Dane correctly as one of BHRR’s Griffin’s breeds. He is a Level 2 Great Dane.
Definition below.

Faye has correctly guessed Rottie. BHRR’s Griffin is a Level 3 Rottie.
Definition below.

Rachel has correctly guessed Boxer. BHRR’s Griffin is a Level 4 Boxer. Definition below

Courtney correctly guessed Newf. BHRR’s Griffin is also a Level 4 Newf.
Definition below

Level 2 Great Dane
Level 2
This category reports breeds that may be easily recognizable in your dog. Each breed listed makes up between 37%-74% of your dog’s breeds. Dogs with a large mixed ancestry will not normally have breeds reporting at this level.

He is a Level 3 Rottie:
Level 3
This category identifies breeds that have between 20%-36% of the listed breed(s).

Level 4 Boxer & a Level 4 Newf
This category represents 10%-20% of the breed DNA. Dogs with large mixes may have a number of breeds in this category.

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