My last post of my night is to wish all those having to be on the road tomorrow a safe drive. The weather is suppose to be icky!

BHRR’s Potter(our BHRR Haven Tripod, Deaf Boxer) recommends to all if they can to stay at home and snuggle!

These photo’s were taken by the Maracle family at our recent first BHRR “EXPERIENCE” Mini Open House of 2016. Thank you!

He will be turning 8 miracle years old this year for he has made it clear to all of his Vet team that Cancer is NOT going to steal him away from all those that adore him and his ‘tude!

He was not expected to live to see his 2nd Birthday…and we are so grateful and blessed that he is still here keeping all on their toes!

His own spondylosis has been wrecking some havoc on his body and some arthritis also yet, he continues to go strong.

He wishes everyone a good night!