BHRR’s Flame weighs 8.15 Kgs(17.93 pounds) at 9 weeks of age. A small girl she shall not be…though, she does not resemble Mama Great Dane Eve in looks and shall not be her size(almost 115 pounds and still putting on some weight Mama is), BHRR’s Flame is not going to be a medium size dog…she may well top 90-95 pounds at the rate she is growing. I have many other blogs to update in her history and shall continue to do so over time.

What is she mixed with?! One of the biggest questions I get and I do not know…the shelter did not know and the O. that dumped Mom and babies at the shelter ‘thought’ GS or Hound yet, they did not even know. Well, I see possible GS in this cutie patootie yet, she is what she is….and, it does not matter. We may do a DNA test for ‘fun’, we may not. Does not matter at the end of the day and nor shall it matter to her right matched forever loving home.

She is beautifully in proportion and continues to show all how brill she is, sitting for treats and not even being prompted to sit and demonstrating her ‘check in’ abilities also.

She would make an excellent obedience dog and she sure loves to climb! I think she may well be part ‘goat’ 😀

She was extremely well behaved, great with obedience(recall etc.) and truly melts my heart….from 14 days to 9 weeks in a blink!!

One her bloodwork comes back, and we anticipate all as being normal – she has also been de-wormed to date per proper Veterinary protocols at 2, 4,6, and 8 weeks so far and her fecal was negative – we will be making a notification re: her about when she will be placed up for adoption and the intake of applications for her.

At this time, we continue to NOT take any applications on her for any home to be considered as a right matched personality fit for her.

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