BHRR’s Whisper!
*She has sure taken a shine to that XL Ottoman of ours in front of the fireplace!

She had a good Vet visit on Tuesday January 19th, so much better than I thought. The Vet believes most of her issues are stemming from FAD(Flea Allergy Dermatitis). With her diet change to a high quality kibble that should also immensely help her skin. I also have special shampoo and if in two weeks, no improvement we will look at further treatment.

None of her numerous wounds are infected and they are healing well.

I had given her a Revolution on the Sunday and we shall repeat in two weeks time. We did a full blood-work-up that has come back normal(some mild elevated levels of Globulin that her Vet was not worried about right now) plus her Accuplex(Heartworm and Tickborne Disease) panel has also come back negative. YAY!

Her weight was 39.6 KGS(87.12 pounds) and that was not far off what I thought. I was thinking 90-95 pounds tops! As she gets more muscle mass plus tone, she will move up a bit in weight. She is a ‘wee’ giant! Beautifully proportioned and 100% gorgeous!

She is sleeping a ton for she had to have been so exhausted, the poor thing…. Her sleeps are more and more relaxed and restful.

As of the third night with us, she has been sleeping in her crate beautifully, no more SA and she only gets mildly worried outside of her crate when she feels she cannot get to me anytime she wishes. Bathrooms are always scary for Danes as they always think I am going to sneak out of some imaginary door! She is learning to relax, become more confident plus comfortable and to self-soothe. PROUD of you BHRR’s Whisper!

She only very rarely licks or chews at herself now for she is realizing with stability and structure that she is ‘ok’ and that she will not be abandoned again. A lot of that obsessiveness appears to be shared between the FAD, poor diet and stress. Passively ignoring undesirable behavours and rewarding proper acceptable behaviours is seeing her respond with such happiness! Clear and open communication has made her feel safe and not guessing nor confused as to what is expected of her.

She is making amazing progress and so fast!

AND she is picking up the sign language plus touch and scent training like a pro! WOW! Her startle reflex has greatly evolved too since her arrival.

Her playful side is coming out and what a goofy girl she can be!

While we can confirm that she has not had puppies recently, and, that she is not in heat right now or a false pregnancy, we cannot rule out at this time if she is getting ready to go into a heat(we may do slides to determine where she is in her cycle yet not pressing) or if she is already pregnant. We are monitoring…….

When she is able to be spayed, she shall be.

She is truly a lovely ‘wee’ giant………getting to know her is such a pleasure.

She loves the company of the other dogs yet as of yet, has not played with them, only began to play with us tonight.

She has been fully integrated with almost all the dogs also and it is like she has always been here! Hard to believe that she has not even been here a week!

THANK you again to all and any that are considering her cause to support and that Kanata Animal Hospital can be contacted directly at 613-836-2848 for any donations to her bills. She has an account ‘Whisper’ under the Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) file there.

Already her skin is looking better! 🙂

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