He is ready to make his own special announcement!

This boy came to BHRR beyond skinny, yes, emaciated and with ‘tude issues. Especially with any human adult female that he believed to be in a position of authority.

Someone sure did handle him wrong in his past.

This gorgeous boy also tested positive for a chronic Lymes Disease infection and when he was neutered in December we did a UPC by cysto collection.

It came back negative. So, in conversing with two of his Vets, we tried to figure out why he was not putting on the weight for they believe that he was actually a false positive for Lymes. He is not symptomatic for Lymes.

The recommendation is to re-test his UPC in 6 months time and if he is adopted by then, this is in his medical records plus in his detailed blog on our home website.

He had no shifting lameness, no lethargic, no pain yet the weight issue which can also be a part of being Lymes positive was ever present.

So, what I did over this past week is change up where he eats…..and, well, uhmmmmm, man, does he like to eat now……

So, mental note, eats ok in the crate where he sleeps yet, in feeding him in an X-pen, likes to eat really well. GOTCHA BHRR’s Miller!  All you had to do is say so!

So,considering that he is NOT Lymes Positive AND that he is putting on the weight even better now……he is ready!

Behaviourally, he is going to need an experienced home, not necessary a Dane experienced home, yet an experienced home that is going to be positive method and balanced in training with him.

I believe in full disclosure on all of our dogs and while this boy is fabu ‘eye candy’, he has had a lot of work on his emotional plus behavioural state NOT to mention obedience(HOLY! He is still like a freight train at times on leash!!). He must continue with the obedience and that is part of our adoption contract with any dog.

I am still careful about when to take his collar and sometimes so as to not stress him out, I just take the leash, hook it gently onto his collar and off we go.

We have negotiated and compromised our way through Gwennie’s Boot Camp and he is now reliably trusting me about 95% of the time and only once in awhile does he ‘forget’ himself and will bark and get a bit woofy and goes to softly mouth and he never makes contact and corrects himself really well.

He no longer tries to eat me……..he was so fearful in the beginning, the poor boy……I seriously wondered at one point could he ever be ready to be placed up for adoption and if he would be a BHRR Haven Dog yet, he has done it!

He had overcome so bravely some of the demons from whatever was in his past…..and I am uber proud of him!!!

We are thorough with all of our applicants and in his case, we will be the same……has to be that right matched forever loving home and one that will have tons of patience, structure, consistency, take him to obedience and not force him.

To force BHRR’s Miller would be a huge set-up for failure. He is a lamb almost all the time now…..

He is the best foot warmer anybody could ask for! AND when he sits – he loves sitting right on your feet!, his head comes right up to my chest. A tall, gorgeous boy and as time passes at BHRR, his inner beautiful self continues to develop and show itself……..

I have earned his trust almost 100% now and the issues he has had with adult females – the shelter and with me, he has never had with males….or kids….

As time also has passed, he shows his goofy, playful self and MAN, body armor time when he gets into play mode.

Being so young still, he is clumsy and gangly and makes me smile so much when he trots and runs with such happiness.

The muscle mass plus tone that he has developed has been impressive as he becomes healthier and healthier….

He is good with dogs big and small, he was fine with the cat at the shelter, has never had an issue meeting people both in and out of our home….

His only worry and stress that he has still is fear of being manhandled and hurt…..

I continue to show him that this is never going to happen again and he is rewarding me with so much trust and we each have mutual respect for each other.

These days he is more bluff and sauceyness and we need to make sure that any home that he goes to continues to build up his circle of success……..

I really love this boy. He is honest and true and a real ham of a dog! He is something very special, as I have said about many a dog before, he is a gift…..

His right matched forever loving home will be so willing to keep working with him and building upon the strong foundation built up at BHRR and continuing to make him the best dog he can be. AND, WOW, he is one really great boy already!

YOU did it BHRR’s Miller!! Thank you for all the gifts and lessons you have bestowed upon me during your rehab at BHRR.

Thank you Melissa again for the gorgeous photo’s and to Bernie and Rachel Ng for the help with picture taking!

BHRR - High Res (watermark) (11) (Medium) BHRR - High Res (watermark) (8) (Medium)