UPDATE: This girl is in my hands right now…..my heart is so heavy and pained for the poor shape she is in and I will make a separate post all about her tomorrow on a new thread….

She is a small ‘wee’ Great Dane…….with zero manners!

I can confirm that she is not only DEAF yet Visually Impaired…..to be running loose as such a special needs dog, had to be a feat in survival for her.

This dog is so red, bloody plus raw all over her rump, lower back and private parts plus tail, bald is putting it lightly, this dog is full of bite marks plus scabs and she has so many old bite wounds/scars on her that it makes my heart cry out in such sadness……

When she was picked up, a slightly different story was told than what was sent my way in email…..

I have to look closer at her body tomorrow, did she have babies at one point? The one story was that she was pregnant at one point yet no one saw babies, is she pregnant again now? Is she getting ready to have a heat? A false pregnancy? Does she have a UTI as she is licking and chewing herself raw? Does she have allergies? Mange? All things we will investigate further.

We were told that she was allowed to sleep in someone’s garage….well, tonight and tomorrow and onward she sleeps in MY home on her own soft dog bed and will lack for nothing…

Her nails are brutal, she lacks so much in muscle and my promise to her like all those that have come before, she will NEVER EVER have another day in her future as she has had in her past…….

Thank you to her transport angels that agreed to meet up with me(Rachel & Bernie) for the assistance with her!

Sean has named her ‘Whisper’ for he sure wishes that she would! 😉

Yet, also that shall be her name on a more serious note for her ‘whispers’ for help are being heard LOUD and Clear…..

She is also a ‘whisper’ of a Great Dane – small and compact.

Thank you to Rachel & Bernie for the photo – those ‘pink’ area’s are all red and hairless area’s on her face and body. I am trying to capture photo’s of her poor hind end etc. 🙁 On her muzzle those are all old scars. 🙁 The sides of her face has so many scabs and wounds. Her neck looks like a battle field.

BHRR’s Eve Whisper’s Helping Angels: $0 donated to date & Bills $790.78
*before paypal fees
*Rachel & Bernie – Dog Bed, Benny Bully Treats