BHRR’s Scooby – 7 year old stunning Merle Male Great Dane

He is ready to make his own special announcement!

What an incredible dog!! My heart still pours out to his owner(31 year old man dying of cancer ) for he did an amazing job with this Dane.

DO not let Scooby’s ‘young’ age of 7 fool you! He is very active, loves hikes/walks, he really loves the outdoors yet also the great comfort of our fireplace, plays like a puppy more than half his age, loves toys, and with the loss of over 15 pounds and the gaining of so much needed muscle mass plus tone, he is strong, healthy and incredibly happy!

He is now hanging around 145 pounds and is 37″ at the whithers. Many have felt he was as tall as our now RIP BHRR’s Porridge yet, that amazing Dane was almost 41″ at the whithers, himself.

BHRR’s Scooby can go to a home that works ft, pt, from home, is semi-retired or retired. Another versatile BHRR Dog!

He is housebroken, can be trusted in our house to be a good boy – other than trying to climb on the couch – when unsupervised. We always recommend that no new addition be given too much freedom to start!

He is good with cats, dogs of all shapes and sizes and loves humans, including kids.

He has a Dane lean that will take you right off your feet if you are not braced and when he buries his head into your lap, he can move your chair a few steps back!

He is one of the most well balanced plus bomb proofed doggies that BHRR has had come in for a long time and when his honeymoon period ended, we began to see some bossiness with ‘tude and Gwennie’s Boot Camp has structured that into the right direction.

WIth the right loving, kind yet positive firm instruction that includes continued obedience, this boy is going to continue to be a rock star!

His leash manners have come a long way and will continue to improve and BHRR’s Scooby Do you have been such a pleasure plus delight to have at BHRR!

You are going to make that right matched home home know that they have a GEM of a dog and they will have won the lottery…..

You are deserving of so much greatness and spoiling love and I am so sorry that you lost your previous home……yet, you were loved enough for people to want to do right by you and your future will be full of so much happiness, adventures, caring hands and spoiling!

Love you!!!

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