Phewwwwwww….we are finally here!! Tucked into our ‘usual’ hotel haunt in Cambridge when we head this way to do home-visits!

What a long, busy yet wonderful day in so many ways…..worked to 2 pm, our gorgeous BBBBB Senior Great Dane, Hailey went to her forever loving adoptive home AND I did not bawl….  and then drove home, picked up BHRR’s Bishop and our beautiful BBBBB Raven and then Mason and I made the drive to SWO. 

The dogs travelled so well! BHRR’s Raven can sometimes be a curious George when we travel and she looked out the window and then had a great nap! I shall never tell her that she snores though…. 

‘The Bish’ as we affectionately call him, so so so proud of him! He is a home body and though a bit nervous getting into the car, he readily went in and I think BHRR’s Raven’s uber outgoing personality relaxed him and he enjoyed looking out the window and this photo is of him after he had a drink of water and was settled with great comfort on the centre console…. 

He was calm and relaxed everywhere we stopped – gas, pee breaks and even through the drive-thru as both Wendy’s and Timmie’s – I think the timbits handed to him by the lovely staff ‘won’ his heart over big time!! 

Such an ‘old’ soul he is, so affectionate and attentive to his circle of success network and I was really proud of him coming out of his comfort zone and showing interest and enjoying himself. Strangers can worry him, especially men in baseball caps and he is a very brave boy!

Thank you Alex for stepping up to assist me at the home-visit we are doing tomorrow for a possible Great Dane adoption!! See you then ….

We are now going to settle in, snuggle – BHRR’s Raven has figured out Mason’s bed already!  – and try to go to bed early….

We will update as we can and gentle reminder that the flash auction ends tomorrow night at 9 pm EST! All monies raised to go towards the $1,200 surgery deposit needed to remove BHRR’s Mavie’s left front leg implant that he developed an infection/rejection in…..

Goodnight wishes to all!!