BHRR did an extremely wonderful and emotional APPROVED ADOPTION today!!

BBBBB Hailey, our senior black gorgeous Great Dane that we posted about earlier this week will be heading to her forever loving adoptive home next week.

I am so so so so happy for her. She and we have waited so patiently for that right matched forever loving home to find her and ‘see’ her for who she is and I am welled up with tears I am so happy…..the best of tears possible…..

This stunning inside and out gal has waited since May of 2013 to be adopted yet, no more… are going to have such a beautiful life!!

She may be 8 in years yet she has so many gifts to give others and lessons to teach so many….

Never enough thanks and appreciation being sent to this wonderful home, who has also adopted from us in the past for opening up their hearts and home to her….

They called her a ‘sweetheart’ and they are so right!!

Congratulations to her new family and to her!!!

BHRR’s Hailey, you are going to have what I always wanted for you, a special amazing home to call your very own…..

Going to go grab another tissue now…..all my fellow team-mates working with me at KAH today are equally so thrilled!