My Response to a Cesar Millan Fanatic

For the hundreds of supportive and in agreement emails, notes etc. that have been received regarding my 'CM Experience Blog' post; I would like to share what was sent my way by someone that is very pro-CM.

Just before going to bed in the wee hours of today, I was checking my email and I came across a submission entry to our BHRR Guest Book from one Ms. Bebenek. This person was very quick to fire off accusations and some erroneous comments not to mention an insult or two made about my Blog post re: CM; such as CM having more experience. Well, in fact; as someone that is not even 6 months younger than CM; my Career is to work with dogs all day, every day. 😉 AND I have almost 25 years of hands on direct experience to date. This person was very strong in stating that Cesar Millan never uses 'fear, anger, exhaustion, or treats as a means of training dogs'. I particularly loved the comments about how *I* was not providing my name?? Hmmmmm, is it not all over the BHRR Website, the BHRR FB Group and on our BHRR Twitter Page plus in the biography section about who I am? 😉

This person defended CM's use of a treadmill and found it acceptable that if a person cannot get out to walk them, it is ok to treadmill them. 

I also found it very interesting regarding their comments about the Saint Bernard named Riley and for the benefit of Ms. Bebenek; please do let me post this video linkAND in fact, this is an 11 month old Saint Bernard being 'choked' with a choke chain. I would like Ms. Bebenek to show me and others who have watched this video 1) WHERE is he NOT using the metal choke hardware around the Saints neck? 2) WHERE is CM not running this dog outside first and not once yet the video indicates 3 times? 3) WHERE is CM not using force to drag this dog up the stairs? Ms. Bebenek is 100% convinced that only positive training methods are being used here and that they 'have 'never seen CM use a prong or choke collar'.

AND they state that CM does not use the world 'loyalty'….hmmmm, lets see 7,500 people in Kanata alone that night and the word 'loyalty' was actually on his presentation slides and gosh, how many times did he mention that word. On another note, what is wrong with CM using that word anyway??

Something else I found quite amusing was that they felt that I had spent thousands of dollars in my education and was 'frustrated' because of that whereas CM learnt all he did for free in Mexico……OMG! Seriously?? Clearly proper Education is of no import to Ms. Bebenek.

I am so glad that Ms. Bebenek is going to send their child to the person who's been taking care of children for 40 years and not the one who's read about them in books. I am so glad that they are going to hire the gardener who's been gardening for years as opposed to the one who's been educated on all the varieties of plants through books. Furthermore, I am also SO lost as to how these words of theirs applies to myself when I possess not only 10+ years of current formal education(and another few+ more years to come re: my Ph.D.) but almost 25 years of experience in the behavoural and training trenches that so many others will never even touch because of the type of the cases that I do.

AND another part I loved in this person's message was that how CM is successful every time, another CM fanatic out there for sure you are Ms. Bebenek! 😉

Yet here is more food for thought, can you please explain to myself and so many others out there how CM is NOT choking Shadow(in more metal hardware – choke chain) in the attached video link? The poor dog is on the ground opening and closing its mouth gasping for air, it has been so deprived of Oxygen. AND here is input on this Cesar Millan video by Debra F. Horwitz, DVM, ACBD, a board-certified veterinary behavourist. Some of which I am posting here –

"I admit, it was a difficult video to watch. In this video, Cesar Millan uses a choke collar to subdue an aggressive dog, finally pinning it on the ground. Millan is bit several times in the process, and I question the health of the dog during this clip (blue tongue). Within the first 5 seconds, the handler kicks the dog in the abdomen.  When the dog turns toward him he is jerked off his feet.  A struggle ensues where the handler gets bitten several times and the dog is seen to be struggling for air. Finally he gets the dog onto the ground and the dogs tongue is blue and the dog is gasping for breath.  When he finally gets the dog up it appears that there might be urine on the ground and that the dog voided his bladder in distress. What you have witnessed is not dog training but abuse.  Not only does the dog suffer, but clients are at risk if they attempt these interventions themselves.  These are not appropriate measures and compromise the welfare of the dog and the safety of people.  His explanations are false and not based on science as we know it. '

Here is a Website for you Ms. Bebenek – Beyond Cesar Millan

AND in my very short email summary response to Ms. Bebenek, I typed; 'How unfortunate it is that the importance of what was being written about in my earlier Blog has been completely lost on yourself.'

My original Blog post is 'my' own personal and professional positioning and one that is not only shared by other professionals in the same areas of expertise yet many on a personal level too. A message to everyone, 'love' the Man or not; that is each person's choice; yet with everything; I would hope/recommend that people would make their decision based upon that decision being a a well informed one at the end of the day.