Shawna and BHRR’s Raven having a moment at our latest BHRR Private “EXPERIENCE”. Second photo is of Tracy and her ‘moment’ with BHRR’s Raven – her own testimonial is on the BHRR’s Porridge blog. 🙂

This home won this amazing opportunity in an auction we hosted earlier this year. 

We have hosted these days for well over 15 years now and it gives people the opportunity to come out and not just witness firsthand what it is that we do yet get hands on in the trenches with us.

Each EXPERIENCE turns out customised to each visit – some want more time with the horses, others want the dogs, some want both and some want more the administration side, others want to help clean stalls, repair fencing etc…..

Others just want to sit and be surrounded by the sounds of country life, sit by the pool and to see deer, other wildlife and watch all live in harmony and balance…..some want to learn more about training, especially with the special needs, or working with a ‘pack’!

We have even done bonfires plus marshmallow/weenie roasts! We feed each home a nice big dinner also including homemade dessert. 🙂

Always so much to do and never enough time!

From all of us to all of you, as always, may your Sunday be filled with friends, family plus health and happiness!

From Shawna: “It was love at first sight!”

AND her feedback about her EXPERIENCE:
“Overall GREAT experience! Love the family, animals, food and the workout too! 🙂