I have many updates to post and quite a few blogs to update and so this page is going to be flying for a bit…. 

This is BHRR’s Maple, the untrained, fear and barrier aggressive Great Dane that was dumped at a shelter. Ignore the reno’s…..new baseboards are coming!!

She has been settling in well herself. I have a short video of the night I picked her up and, she is a far cry from that terrified dog….yet, she also likes to try to bully her way about things and that has also been a work in progress.

She bonded to Sean fast and took a day or so longer to be the same with me yet, Sean is still a clear fav for her. 

She has zero manners, like a beautiful Mack truck in a China store and is reactive if she feels a dog is posing a challenge yet also wants to make sure that she establishes herself as Queen B quick right from the start, especially with any girls. She is not a ‘dainty’ gal! 

She has not been integrated with many dogs and shall not be for some time and she is being mindful to back away and step down when told to and, she is going to be in Rehab a long time. She is totally fine with Lion King Pumbaa, BHRR’s Mavie, BHRR’s Comet, BHRR’s Pearl and BHRR’s Bell. She was a bit ‘off’ with BHRR’s Angel Noelle at first and also with my own 11 year old Female Cherokee. BHRR’s Hercules, she thinks is a loveable nut I am sure!  We remind her firmly at times to ‘be nice’ and she throws off the bully Cape and is great.

She does not know how to properly communicate, seriously lacks some social dog to dog proper skills and, yet, in just the short period of time she has been with us, she has made remarkable progress. With clear effective guidance and learning that no one is going to hurt or manhandle her – dog or human – boy, has she been coming around. 

As she understands more about what is expected of her and that we are gong to be very supportive, positive yet, balanced with her training with consistency, patience, time, understanding and lots of structure that includes obedience, she is responding. SO well.

Sean and I can both pretty much touch her anywhere now and she is sporting a rash on her lower belly that will be medically addressed.

She is a strong big gorgeous Dane and she is listening better and her true bestest of friends is BHRR’s Dune! Those two are a hoot!!

She and he are bff’s!!!

She lacks confidence in some ways and so we have been working with a calming word and signal(touch). She is relaxing more and we are seeing less hackles when strangers come by and barking also.

Her hackles go up yet no barking occurs around strange or new dogs.

She is eating well and drinking and is 100% housebroken. She is about 12 months of age and loves to ‘nest’ and ‘baby’ this one toy. She is not yet spayed and shall be as soon as we can get her comfortably able to handle the Vet visit.

Quite affectionate now to both Sean and I and thinks Mason is quite the teenager. 

She has a lot of potential yet, she has her fair share of triggers right now that ‘set’ her off with hackles right now and one day at a time….one baby step at a time.

Her beautiful face reminds me so much of our FREEDOM Dane, BHRR’s Gretta.

So much I could write here yet, mini Gwennie novel I shall end for now. 

Welcome to BHRR, beautiful young lady!