Someone is settling in well, BHRR’s Dune! Here he is with Lion King BHRR’s Pumbaa, an awesome DDB in our Haven program.

He will receive his boosters within the next couple of weeks, we will do his bloodwork for heart-worm plus tick borne diseases and with a bit more training, he will be ready to make his own special announcement. Yay!

He has learned that we do not lift our leg in the house… He has learned that we share water bowls and also to share Gwennie…  AND, the jumping is to a minimum now. The muscle tone that he has been developing! He is one lean muscled stunning boy. 

For those who know the size of my four month old Great Dane ‘Salt’, BHRR’s Dune is the same height. He is a gorgeous, nicely in proportion boy and a poorly bred single breed Dane I think not at all, possibly Rhodesian Ridgeback in there also with the Dane yet, as always, it does not matter….he is affectionate, happy, loves everyone and, is bombing along his rehab!

He is hanging around 70 pounds right now and putting the weight on well and, maybe he top off around 80 pounds. He is about 18 months or so and truly has been a treat to have here!!

Any right matched forever loving home that applies to adopt him is going to be getting one heck of an awesome dog!