All of us at BHRR wish to extend a big and deep thank you to Global Pet Foods – Hintonburg for the really special opportunity to be at their lovely location yesterday to have one of our popular mini microchip clinics!

From the wonderful helpful staff to our incredible approved Volunteers to all of our WOW visitors of humans, dogs and cats, the day was one filled with true warmth!

So much gratitude is felt in my heart for how a community can be so kind and generous to help a dog in need. Yesterday, we gathered together to make sure more dogs and cats were microchipped, a cause extremely deep plus personal to my own heart.

AND, BHRR’s baby Kaos, was the really lucky and fortunate blessed wee soul that is going to benefit from all the love shown yesterday.

We did 9 microchips – majority were cats also! Just so great to see!, 10 nail trims and 2 ear cleanings! We had donations of just shy of $240 placed in our donation box on the table and, the kisses plus smooches that BHRR’s Kaos gave in thanks, made his pooch smooch red carpet sessions a big hit!

Doogies’ face-painting and feathers are becoming famous and not just beautiful and so many were sporting fashionable accessories!! 

I need to send out BIG thanks to Dawn, Margaret(our treasurer fabu!), Sean, Doogie and Chelsea again for spending the day with me!! Chelsea, you did an incredible job educating plus informing the public in so many ways re: BHRR’s Kaos’ journey!! 

Lianne and Dawn and Mason plus Sean, thank you for making some baked goodies also! 

BHRR does not do many public events per year and when we do, we never cease to be amazed by how unbelievably outstanding people and their pets are!! So many people came out to talk BHRR, responsible dog rescue plus ownership, Danes, big dawgs, to hang, share some laughs, great conversation, Dane puppy snuggles and cuddles and, come together in a shared goal of camaraderie and wanting to help a wee pup in need! 

We met so many new people wanting to know more about our group that has now been around for just shy of 20 years and, others that have followed us for years and wanted to come out to meet us in person and give us such sweet words of support, goodness and heart!! 

The total raised yesterday to help BHRR’s Baby Kaos is $776.25 and I then also threw in my personal donation of $100 making a grand total of $876.25 raised for his ever increasing Vet Bills!

He is back at LAH on Thursday August 27th for more x-Rays under sedation, exams etc., and we will keep all of his fan club updated!!

Thank you from my heart and soul to so many that once again made yesterday possible. From sharing the poster creatively made by Global, to posting a word or two wishing us a successful day to donations of a baked goodie, to giving up a truly wonderful Saturday to volunteer, to visiting us etc. 

All of you made magic happen again for a BHRR dog in need!!! I am eternally indebted….

BHRR’s CHAIN OF SUCCESS lives strong!

This photo is of BHRR’s Baby Kaos thanking Auntie Margaret for all of her help yesterday being the treasurer……he wuvs her! We do too!