Today’s ‘model’ session with BHRR’s Kaos, the now 8 week old Great Dane puppy with the growth plate fracture and also suspected damage to his meniscus.

He has had a small float in the pool, ‘stole’ Salt’s CET Dental Chew – we purchase ours from KAH – and had a small nibble and fell asleep still nibbling….. Rather than snooze on one of the dog beds I brought out, he seems to prefer the sun warmed wooden deck.

He is now having a sweet afternoon nap on the porch by the pool with birds chirping, deer drinking from the spring fed pond, the wind rustling the leaves of the trees, and the water sounds of the pool are making his rest a sweet one.

Have to lovely a lazy hazy summer day! Even I stopped for half an hour to enjoy the fresh soft breeze and the clouds floating by…..

Sean and kids are finally back today from being away since the 25th of July, visiting his parents in N.B.

It has been a great week solo manning BHRR, busy and longer days plus nights!

AND, I missed them and I also dearly missed being with Mason to celebrate his 15th birthday on the 31st with him being away.

So, that is why there were few posts throughout the week, except for the one night!

Duty called me overtime these past 8 days with everything!

Happy long weekend from our home to all of you!! As always, may your time be filled with happiness, health and people you love!