BHRR’s Hercules – one of our gorgeous Blue GD’s!
Has his own very special announcement to make!
He did it! He did it! He did it!
After overcoming a terrible past that included him having to lose close to 50 pounds plus having to have his right front leg amputated, he is ready to say he is AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!
Thank you Liz for this great photo taken July 9th and all the others that I will add to his blog. You are so talented!
Thank you Aaron for the incredible testimonial on him from you handling him at our recent 8th ANNUAL KAH/BHRR Fundraiser! I shall also add that to his blog!
He is a WOW dog….just a WOW dog and, his future is as bright and happy and wonderful as his personality plus temperament are!
WTG Hercules!
Thank you Tammie for sending him to us… was a real treat and honour having him at BHRR!
Thank you Karen Starkie for the transport assistance as always!
To all of his angel village and community, THANK you for being there for him, helping us with donations of comfort, words of encouragement plus support AND the financial support that makes us still well up!

He taught SO many a valuable important lesson or two at our annual event….he is not ‘handicapped’, he is not be be felt sorry for, he is more than capable of having a perfectly normal happy healthy life and it is even more happy now that he is free of the chronic pain he had to live with for an extremely long time with that untreated broken leg plus being horrifically obese….AND he taught people that he deserves to live…..that is is no less worthy than any other dog that needed assistance.
BHRR’s Angel Noelle and BHRR’s Potter teach many people those same lessons as have all the other tripods before them!

He cannot go to a home that does a lot of pavement walking. He is great on grass and sand for short distances and self-regulates when he wishes to rest. He is active and fit.
A bungalow or a home with very few stairs is required. We are a bungalow built into a hill and live on a grass and sand foundation.
He is great with kids (no children under 8 is our preference for him though), all other dogs of all sizes(have photo’s from our July 12th event even with a senior yorkie), cats he is still a wee bit fascinated with.
He is fine in a home as the only dog or a right matched personality fit dog already in the home is equally fine.
A home that is not going to ‘baby’ him or feel sorry for him.
He needs structure, obedience, routine, consistency and not just love.
We do not adopt to homes that are away daily for lengthy hours. We understand people need to work in order to provide for their families and pay bills.
A quieter home for him, not an crazy busy active home.
He likes laying in the grass in the shade watching the other dogs play and, enjoys watching all the life around him….
He loves car rides, cottage life, visiting people as he is uber social and a home that is going to keep giving him all these amazing experiences plus memories that were denied him prior to rescue. PV Stittsville is one of his fav places, he likes their attention and treats! grin emoticon

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