BHRR’s Herbie-licious The Love Bug weighed 44.3 Kgs(97.46 pounds) today! Yippppeee! When he first arrived to BHRR, he was barely 68 pounds! WTG!

We did several skin scrapings – between toes, side, elbow and neck and ONLY half of a démodéctic mite was found! Yes! Yes!

My wonderful fellow co-workers remarked on his HAIR! OH yeah!! He has lots of hair now – still coming in on belly, sides and elbows plus between his toes BUT, yes, he has tons of glorious gorgeous hair now.

So, one more month of the ivermectin – 3 mls for now as the new dose – and, a recheck in one month with updated weights during that time to be sure, he is being dosed correctly.

We took blood for a heartworm test and, also for testing for tickborne diseases plus for his pre-op Bloodwork in prep for a de-twinkling!

With his Vet’s support and agreement, he will not begin any vaccine protocol until he is démodéctic mange free, so at least one more month before that can even be considered.

AND, they took a good close look at that back right leg again for he has limped since he arrived and, in the beginning it could have been due to all the allergies plus mange. He was in so much pain and discomfort and his feet were so raw, his whole body was.

Suspected partial cruciate at this time yet, his Vet would also like to rule out hips. He is not painful in the hips. He is uncomfortable in exam on that knee though. There is no swelling, no heat and nothing to indicate it is his Cruciate but he clearly is limping.

He will have x-days when neutered and, all the cyst like spots between his toes are gone having had antibiotic treatment. the Vet had researched that with the mites being really deep this is not impossible to have those types of cysts like marks. A biopsy was not done due to the successful resolution of them!

Getting there Love Bug! You are going to make a home an absolutely delightful addition!

He will be at PV Hazeldean with us on Saturday May 23rd from 10-4 pm for anyone who would like to experience some Herbie-licious love!

Here is another photo from Canine Water Wellness today! He kept BHRR’s Gretta company while she had her 8th session