BHRR’s Herbie-licious, The Love Bug and one of my Deaf/Visually Impaired GD boyz, Ice
Sunday March 8th, 2015
This is a great comparison for people to see a white dog with proper healthy hair and, how naked, patchy and pink BHRR’s Herbie is from the severe generalized Demodectic Mange.
He really is almost 90% naked or barely patched with hair right now….
BUT, we are getting there!!!  He is no longer a RED RAW oozing swollen massive wound from head to tail and toes.  Progress!
He is up to 2.1 mls of Ivermectin Daily and up to 1,000 mg of antibiotics daily and, he just becomes more happy and, delightful daily!
AND, the wee beastie is still battling parasites…..stubborn eastie beasties….