BHRR's Lion King Timon 
January 13th, 2015
How Sean found him today at one point just basking in the sunbeams streaming in from the windows in our sunroom. smile emoticon
AND, no, he is NOT tethered to that leash…that is used to keep our door remaining open when we want it as, Sean took the stopper out for the winter. 
We are facing reality with him and, this terrible cold weather is 'killing' him…..he has one to two breathing struggles throughout each day that, just break my heart and, it really is bothering the arthritis in his leg that had been broken in the car accident and, never was treated before he was rescued. AND, by the time he was rescued, it was too late to be able to do anything for that leg AND, even if we could, his diagnosed heart condition(Severe SAS) prevents him from being able to have surgery. frown emoticon 
It has affected his eating a bit and, as a result, he has dropped some weight…
Yet, other than that, he remains playful, eating is overall ok, will smack you over and over with that leg of his to get your attention, affectionate, active and, himself…..
Please pray for warmer weather………
We work on quality of life for each day…..
I know he is already an amazing plus inspirational miracle boy YET, we want to give him even more life to live….it will be two years on February 14th, 2015 since he first came to be part of our BHRR Haven Program and, we were then told, we would be lucky to have two weeks with him and, he would just drop dead at some point……