Mason(14) with BHRR's Braveheart
Male Heavily Marked Harle GD
December 24th, 2014
That amazing painting was from Bridget and Charley and their beloved RIP GD Ella. They collected $300 for him in lieu of Birthday gifts and, brought him some much needed items and showered him with so much love!
This very special painting will go into his file and, be given to his right matched forever loving home when it is his time….
This is his first XMAS and, shall have a bed to call his own, toys, treats etc….
As a r/q Rescue, we do not have many excess items to share with all the dogs and, this is what makes our successful SS program so wonderful….dogs get nice collars and leashes and, beds, bowls and, items, that we otherwise, rarely can afford to provide for the dogs on a regular basis….even dog food donations are a winning lottery item for many groups out there, and, especially for BHRR!
They get to be spoiled!
We remain so humbled by all of you…..

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