BHRR's Zayna – December 13th, 2014 with SantaMartin Cruikshank) at PV Stittsville. 
Photo by Ashley Beland of ABM AMB Photography
One of BHRR's very special M&M's. 
A victim to poor breeding and greed, she had severe HD etc. and, we were asked by another r/q group, to consider her for our special Haven Program back on April 28th, 2014.
We had a spot open up on June 22nd, 2014 and, I think our own Fawn with black mask EM, RIP Guinness would have loved her! 
We knew time was limited and, we packed each day with great memories, experiences, laughter, play visits/dates and, loving hands with tons of spoiling love!
SHE rocked our 7th ANNUAL BHRR/KAH Microchip/Nail & BBQ Fundraiser, she charmed each person at every event held at BHRR from our BHRR "EXPERIENCE" mini open houses to our Annual DINE WITH THE BHRR DOGGIES event!
We made December 13th, 2014, a day as special and as wonderful as her!
A trip to Timimie's for her own Bacon on Bagel, tummy rubs and, shopping and, drooling and, caring hands at PV Stittsville, lunch at A&W – chicken strips and, a drive later that night to all of her favourite friends and family…..
She left us peacefully, surrounded by all those that loved her and adored her and, she may have been a victim of greed by her Breeder yet, to us, she was a gift…………cherished and, I so wish we could have given her more than almost 6 months of the best days of her life……
She should have been bred for proper conformation, health, temperament plus longevity. What I call the 'four' important pillars of r/q Breeding. 

This poor dog had severe HD, not just 'only' hip problems. Her hips were so bad that she was not even a candidate for alternative therapy such as hydrotherapy nor was she a surgical candidate by an expert group of three Ortho specialists part of her vet team. She had DJD, Osteoarthritis that had already begun to cause some spinal fusion and, her straight knees plus stifles were also affected. Her elbows were also beginning to show negative effects. She had extreme muscle wasting in her hind end and, for a younger giant breed dog, still growing, we created a personalized rehab program that had her develop what muscle tone, mass and strength that we could. We have videos and photo's and, many a testimonial in the great quality of life she had in our Haven Program. We committed to her 100% as we do with every dog under our authority.
BHRR believes in quality of life and, though this dog may have been orginally said to be behaviourally unsound when the other wonderful group first had her, it did not take long for them to realise her issues were medical. 
As she matured and, even in keeping her lean, there was added natural weight on already heavily burdened poor bones plus body and, the colder weather was not helping one bit.
We will not keep a dog alive for our own selfish reasons…..

THANK you to her incredible SS's……for dropping them off at the BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' mini open house in November…….she had an early XMAS and, she had stuffing and turkey also as part of a delicious dinner!
RIP my gorgeous girl……..I shall visit you as I visit all the others that have crossed before you over the many years… my dreams and, in my heart….