Mudslides bw indicated a low 50(low normal is 54) on protein yet nothing to hold back her spay and we will re-do her bw in a few weeks. This could just be ‘norm’ for her.Mudslide was spayed on Thursday August 9th and Mudslide’s spay was very rough. We found out her digestive system is quite immature and slow and she puked up partially digested food when the pre-surgery sedation meds were given. Something to note in future should she need any kind of surgery (emergencies cannot be planned) that she should fast for 24 hours instead. It took four different tubes to tube her as well. Her body parts are not where they are ‘norm’ located in a GD. She is not built quite normal inside. We will do more X-Rays as she grows to have a good idea where things are going to ‘land’ up inside of her. She is just very special all around. GREAT thing is that her elevated HR did not come into any concern during her surgery. I, however; aged greatly throughout it all! I think I need to re-dye my hair I was such a wreck over these spays. Having done almost 350 alters in my life; it does not get that much easier. I worry until they are up on their feet and running so to speak.
Her uterus turned out to be very long and not quite where it should be and her incision is very large, like one would do in a general exploratory. The Vet calls her ‘raggedy Anne’. Yet, she, too has bounced back well and except for her having to wear a ‘cone'(she HATES it and looks miserable!); she is now well on her way to recovery. She refuses to pee, poop or eat/drink with the collar on… I take it off, supervise her very closely and right back on when all is said and done! Mudslide weighed 17.8 Kgs(39.16 pounds) at her spay. I had her at the Vet’s tonight with me to hang out along with Bronson and she was now up to 18.0 KGS(39.6 pounds). Here are some recent pictures of her.