The new height I could get on Jenni with her wiggling was just under 28″. She was more interested in chewing the tape than letting me measure her! LOL I truly need to get her and her sisters in for a new weight as well! New pics of Jenni below. Jenni remains such a complex bundle of behavours. In one minute she is the sensitive, please reassure me cutie, the next minutes she is the sweet cuddling angel and in the next she is the mischief making, pushy adorable broad! She reinforces our decision daily that she MUST go to a home experienced in Danes and one experienced with such a magnificent temperament as hers. We would never desire to see her personality or spirit broken in the wrong home whereby someone became impatient and did not appreciate nor understand her amazing soul. On the same note, she cannot be in a home that would allow her to take over and rule the roost for she would be diva supreme this one if she could. She is so cutely manipulative in weasling her way in for the cuddles and can be very subtle about how she gets things done her way with the other dogs yet if ever another dog stands up to her and means business, she crumbles into the very sensitive mass of Dane she truly is inside. She relies heavily on Abbi for a lot of self-confidence and if you allow her to have her way; she would be sleeping every night in a crate with her Abbi and of course, hogging all the space! LOL I love this dog in how dynamic she is and her wide range of emotions, feelings and abilities. She needs the proper guidance and loving hand and will really benefit from a very structure yet positive obedience regime and program. Just as with Abbi, we must be very careful about the right home for her. She must go to a home like Abbi where she has at least one other playmate, male or female is of no matter as long as the personalities click. She and her sisters live in very close harmony in our home with our own three females plus Mazda without any issues whatsoever. I know that as much as I am going to miss this incredibly diverse girl; Sean is going to be heartbroken when she is adopted. Those two remain thick as thieves!