A group picture below of the 3 DBB’s as their former foster mom left when she came for a visit at the end of October. There is also two pictures of Jenni. Jenni remains to be the wonderful handful and one has to always be on their toes with this one. She will beguile you in a heartbeat and you will be forever ‘lost’ and then you might find yourself being the one sleeping on the doggie beds and her in your bed! 🙂 SHE is a charmer and very assertive about what she wants and her likes/dislikes! She is absolutely fascinating to be around. We have yet to have her right matched home come along and we remain patient. The DBB’s are very close and I have been working on to have them spend some time by themselves in separate crates and they are now content at night to sleep apart. During the day, they can often be found piled up together on one of the Kuranda Beds donated by their foster mom or playing outside for hours on end! They are now 7 months old.