OK! New pics of Jenni posted below on one of the Kuranda Beds that Mila(the fostermom of the DBB’s before they came to us) was so generous to donate to our program. Next week, I hope to bring all the DBB’s in for a new weigh-in and I will take heights possibly tonight when they might be more likely to stand still long enough! 🙂 Jenni is very much the biggest of the 3 of the DBB’s and she just becomes more beautiful every day. We cannot wait for Mila and the person who is fostering the mom of the pups to come back to visit with them this month to see how much they have grown. They are now 6 months of age. They still like to all puppy pile on top of each other at every opportunity! Jenni is a very busy girl and full of character!!!!! All three of the DBB’s are fully housebroken, sleep wonderfully through the night, are crate trained and just love the crates. You will often find them curled up in one of the crates with door open and if they are not there, they are either on my bed or one of the Kuranda Beds. One of their other favourite activity continues to be to dig and we are working on that and we will have a lot of landscaping and deck work to do next year. 🙂 All are very treat motivated and their recalls are just suberb!!!! We continue to work on basic commands and obedience and one of the things I love the most is when I come home and see their faces in the window or playing in the yard all excited to greet me. Jenni is the one that does not continue to have a ‘jumping’ issue for Abbi and Mudslide can still ‘forget’ themselves and jump on you(they like to do it from behind and take you out at the knees!) in their joy of seeing you. We continue to work on that too. Jenni continues to have a mutual adoration relationship with Sean and you will see from the pics that I will post of Abbi so does she and thank goodness Mudslide is ‘on my side’ for MAN! I would be so jealous! LOL All three still are not ‘fond’ of nail trimming and are doing great with bathing.