This is the update from Jeff her overnight angel foster for her:
"She is a very sweet girl that growls. Growls a lot. It is not a threatening growl, and she has not shown any aggression at all. It is more of an “I am scared of you and this whole transport thing, so I want you to be scared of me” growl. It seems to reassure her and comfort her if you talk to her in a calm, quiet voice. She really is a sweetheart, and once she is given some stability and shown some love, I am sure she will show that love back a million times over.
Right now she is just scared and confused, so please show her a little extra TLC and understanding this weekend. We did cover her crate with a towel, and that seemed to help a little bit, so if you are crating her, it may be a good idea to bring along a towel. She is very calm, so I think she would be fine tethered. She rode home in a 42” crate, and had enough room. For those of you that are cramped for space, you will be happy to know that she is only 128Lbs, not 180Lbs. She walks fine on a slip lead. She does not pull, and walks at your pace. She does get spooked every now and then and will stop suddenly. She also seems skittish of cars when they drive by. She drank some water and  ate all of her food. She goes in and out of the crate with no problem, and jumped right into the back of the truck tonight. She is going to make someone a very good companion when she learns to trust again, and all that should take is a little love. She is going to Canada, and her paperwork appears to be in order."