BHRR’s – Aug. 16. 2004. – Mr. Arthur Zane – Oct. 28. 2014. – R.I.P.

Love to — BHRR/Kanata A.H. —

Gwen, Sean, Mason, Kinsley & Staff’s,

*Thank-You –ALL– !!!

For the *Special Gift we received on *Good Friday-2006.

Zane was attached to “Sean” that Easter w/e when we spent
the afternoon @ BHRR. & After “Arthur-The-5-th.” came to His new home in Toronto…Zane attached Himself to my Dad & became his shadow until yesterday morning.

**Thank-You “Sean/Gwen” for Your trust in us,
& Kanata A.H. for Your care of Mr. Arthur Zane too.

As “Gwen” would agree…”Zane” will always be remembered
as a –Delightful/Handful– in Our/Hearts…

****Thanks So -Ever- So Much “GWEN/BHRR” !!!

Love-Zane’s/Brother-XO-Black-Jack Joker/Heath,


& The-Rodgers’ -XO- Family.