BHRR’s Jenni – Fawn Blue Merle, Great Dane, Female, born March 31st, 2007, spayed August 8th and up to date on vaccines (July 25th, 2007) and is now microchipped. At 8 weeks she was 10.5 pounds, 10 weeks 16.62 pounds, 11 weeks 20.24 pounds, 12 weeks 10 kgs(22 pounds), 16 weeks 16.4 kgs(26.08 pounds) and at the time of her spay @ 18 weeks; Jenni weighed 17 kgs(37.4 pounds).Jenni is on Sentinel and her last fecal was normal. She is almost completely housebroken, fully crate trained and this girl has personality! OMG! This girl is so smart and honest about her feelings and reminds me a lot of Mazda! She will think over almost everything, weighing up the situation and determining if she should do something or listen etc. Usually, it will come down to just what great treat may be in store for her! LOL Her leash manners are now wonderful and we are still working on the recall and distraction training yet she is only 5 months old!!!!! She is getting better with nail trimming and ear cleaning and she is very easy to bathe. Jenni LOVES to cuddle and she is as attached to Sean as our beloved BHRR’s Lady was. Jenni will only go to a home that is experienced with Great Danes, with at least one other dog, one that is not too dominant and one that is prepared to continue to socialize and guide her magnificent temperament in the right direction. She is a happy, healthy and wonderful girl!

She and her two surviving sister of BHRR’s Abbi and BHRR’s Mudslide were born by C-section to a 72 pound emaciated Brindle mom, Nelly who is part of a cruelty case in Quebec (being fostered by an angel for the SPCA and she plans on adopting her). There were 8 in the litter and one was stillborn and 3 died within the first two weeks. The pups needed to be tube fed as the mom was too ill to take care of them. I was contacted when they were 6 weeks of age and asked to assist. They have been part of my program since they were 9 weeks old. The fostermom of the pups plus the fostermom of the dam were invited to our home to drop them off and to spend an afternoon visiting with us, partake in some food, to see how we lived and take care of the animals here. They will be having another visit this upcoming Saturday (August 25th) once last time as they are going up for adoption. Jenni and her two sisters are affectionately known as the ‘Diaper Bag Babies’ by their fan club! 🙂