Today, I was contacted about a ~3.5 year old Female DEAF GD, Merlequin. She has had two names that we are aware of to date 'Daisy' & 'Dana'. She will have a new name for a new beginning. O. died and she went to the shelter in April. She was adopted out and then returned in June as the home said she was resourcing and aggressive, to other animals.
She went back to the shelter and, they contacted another organization that, waited 6 weeks before saying they could not take her, and, major kennel stress set in.
On August 2nd, BHRR was contacted to assist and, we had to wait to we had a spot and, we committed to bringing her into BHRR August 18th, 2014. She is ONLY the 7th dog that BHRR has been able to assist in 2014. Here is the email in part:


Hi Gwen,
I was passed along your information from X at X.

We are seeking placement for a deaf Great Dane named “Dana”. Dana is also spayed, and has no known health concerns.

Dana is requiring an only pet home, as she can be “possessive” of her people. She was originally placed with other animals in the home, but needed to be returned due to some aggression. She is great with other dogs in the shelter, in our play yard and enjoys their company outside of her home.

I have been in contact with X for over 6 weeks, however, they only just informed me that they could not take her into their care.

Unfortunately, due to Dana’s length of stay, she is increasingly becoming anxious in the shelter. She is cautious of new people, but is getting worse. Dana is fantastic with all of our staff and very loving, she does the classic dane trick and likes to sit right on your lap.

She is fully house trained, quiet, and very snuggly.

Please let us know if you’d be able to help Dana.

Thank you for your time,


Dana1 Dana2