BHRR's Kaden – August 13th, 2014


On our way to KAH – he is helping me drive!  He is making sure that all traffic rules are being followed. 😉

Today's weight was 56.60 KGs(124.52 pounds) and, he should now stay around this weight for now. He is just beginning to look like he may lose that wonderful waist line. 
He was not thrilled by the bath today to prepare for our trip for his annual at KAH.  
He LOVED the car ride! Just loved! 😀
We gave him a light sedation to make it less stressful for him(he urinated as he was worried) and, as he only received a year set of vaccines in 2013, he was given his three year vaccines, had his yearly HWT done, given his monthly revolution, a wonderful nail trim while he was dopey(he is terrified to get them done and, so, I go very slowly) AND, had a very thorough exam done. A+++ for him! YAY!
He will need that patient and understanding loving home that shall continue building upon the strong foundations that we keep putting in place at BHRR!
He is so affectionate and loving plus playful to all those he loves and trusts.  
So many commented on how uber soft he is…truly, like velvet all over. 🙂

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