BHRR’s Ava Marie had a relatively good night¬† and I was able to get to bed for around 1 AM and I was up around 3:30 AM to give her a second injection of hydromorphone and she was still resting well when I got up to head to the Hospital today. She had a pee around noon for Sean today and seemed to feel so much more comfortable afterwards. She was able to be visited briefly today by our recently approved adoptive home (who adopted BHRR’s Moose!) plus another lovely person who had donated an item to her ONLINE AUCTION and had also won something in her auction. I will be in touch with all the winners shortly about payment, shipping and ensuring that they obtain their win items! THANKS ONCE more to everyone who cross-posted, otherwise advertised and participated in her Auction. Final total still to be tallied as I had to work this today and was up most of the night with BHRR’s Ava Marie and then had BHRR’s Moose adoption today. Thank you so much to everyone for their patience!