It was determined that BHRR’s Moose was the best matched fit for this recently approved BHRR adoptive home AND it was only because they have a very senior Lab(13.5 years of age) and BHRR’s Lily Belle is not even 11 months old as of yet. She is just a wee bit too much of a high maintenance ‘puppy’ for their current dog BUT what a hard decision it was for the home!!!! I remained ‘open’ to either one of our Saints being adopted to this home yet I did express ‘who’ I felt would be a better match and ‘why’ I felt that way AND it had nothing to do with BHRR’s Lily Belle not being a great fit, it  had to do that I felt they were for BHRR’s Moose’s sake; that I believe this home in being not only an experienced dog home; they are an experienced Saint B. home AND are experienced with rescue Saint B.s that will require a wee bit of what I call that ‘labour of love’ to get them to their full potential and so, it was for BHRR’s Moose’s sake that I was hoping they might choose Moose AND truly felt that either one would thrive in this home for the homes sake and also felt in my heart that with BHRR’s Moose’s slightly older age and personality, he would not be so ‘puppy overwhelming’ to their current senior sweetie. They spent some time to talk and think things over and came back to say that they would be going home with their ‘new son’ and I told them that I was so thrilled and excited for all and especially for BHRR’s Moose and that I was not going to ‘well up’…..   😛   This is a home that either dog would do well in and I just could not be more thrilled and delighted plus tickled for everyone!!! It was tough saying good-bye to my ‘MOOSEMAN’ yet he is going to have a great quality filled life! SOOOOOOOOO, the hold is now off BHRR’s Lily Belle and may her right forever personality matched home come along soon!!!!! I know she is going to miss Moose and vice versa and I am glad that she has her other bff Frost here still! So, we are back to taking inquiries and applications for BHRR’s Lily Belle! I have also added slides #11 – 21 on to Moose’s slideshow!