In preparation to bring BHRR’s Moose in with me tomorrow to KAH for some assistance with nails and the HWT, I set out to give him a bath. I was so thrilled with how easy I could get him into the walk in shower. Tossed a treat, he munched away and then I turned on the water! 😛 That is when things went quickly south! LOL Needless to say, while I got Moose wet, the shampoo never made it on him and though I got him back into the shower with lures of more treats, I just could not keep the big ‘ol Moose man from pushing by me to get out. He was also NONE to thrilled and let me know it yet afterwards, you could see how unsure he was of how I was going to react to his own reaction and I am going to take the success where I can and we will try again later. He is not THAT stinky and to think that he has only been here over a month; I NEVER could have even attempted this back then, so well, we both ended up wet! You did well Moose and I wuvs you….we will just keeping moving forward with baby steps like so many others that need the time and patience here at BHRR.