He absolutely loves his crate and, will actually paw at the crate, quite enthusiastically to get in! This is his safe spot and, at this time, we still have not tested him for any length of time out of the crate, when we go out. With everything we had been told about him having severe SA(I have not witnessed any form of major SA whatsoever), this is what works for him and, it works for us and, is safe for him and home.

He does have a slightly OCD behaviour that he will lick this one bar on his crate at times. Just the one bar and leaving a small drooling mass of slippery goob on the floor. We passively ignore and, make no big deal of it and, it stops within seconds. It is an intermittent thing, about 3 times a week. This started about a week ago and, looking at what may have changed in the home that, would have 'triggered' this. BHRR's Flint was adopted around that time and then returned. We shall see how things go. BHRR's Jetta is now adopted and, we will see if that has any impact also.

He can go to a home that works pt, ft, from home, semi-retired etc. He can go to a home with another right matched dog as he is playful and, social, yet, as long as the home has a strong network in place for him to be able to continue to interact with other dogs(dogs need their friends too!), then, we will consider a home that does not have another dog at this time.

He still exhibits behaviour when out and about that, if he feels another dog is, getting too close to one of his doggie friends, he will still do the slight lip curl. He is positively corrected and then re-directed. Not with all dogs, yet more than a handful that we have seen to date and, this is something we want any possible future adoptive home to be aware of. He has not done this to any humans since his arrival to BHRR and, we continue to work with him on this. So important for each dog to have the full picture painted of them from good, to bad and great and ugly. This is an area that he shall continue to require consistent, positive routine and structure of acceptable demonstrations of behaviour.

He has never exhibited that behaviour at all in our multi dog home. Only out in public.

He is such an affectionate and playful nut here. He can really get the dane lean going and, you better brace yourself! 😀

He is 100% housebroken, is now down to eating two good meals a day, is happy and uber gorgeous!

I do not want him in a home with cats. While he was fine with the cats at the PV Stittsville PAWS Event, he gets excited over fast flighty movements. So, as long as the cats were in the cage and, not running around the floor, he paid them no mind or attention. Yet, we have seen at BHRR, that when the BHRR Flower Girl's run and race, he gets all excited and wants to chase. Better than he was yet, for comfort sake, no cats, in the home at this time. I will always remember the rabbit that raced across the parking lot at KAH and SOOOOOOOOO, glad I saw the rabbit first!

He travels great in the car and, he has been a joy to have here! He will definitely require more obedience(we have that in our adoption contract anyway for all of our dogs) for as much as he has bombed along here and shall continue to do so yet, if he sees something he really wants to visit, he will forget all of his distraction training and, prepare to do some skiing….Not as it was when he first arrived yet, still present at times. Considering where he started to where he is now, he is an angel….a gooberhead one right now! He will just get better and better with continue work. We have not even had him 8 weeks and, he has make amazing progress! 🙂

IMG_3632 (Medium) IMG_3619 (Medium) May 31st