BHRR's Reese has had a great few days with her potential new forever loving home. I am so filled with the best of tears and warmth to say that she is ADOPTED!!!

In my almost 30 years in these trenches, each dog has touched me in a special way….then, there is BHRR's Reese. There are almost no words to express what all of this means to me, and to me for her.

This is is the completely withdrawn, uncommunicative, almost 'autistic' dog that came to BHRR in July of 2013. Many that attended our 6th Annual  "JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS' Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser the day after her arrival witnessed firsthand how emotionally unavailable and unresponsive and closed in a world of her own, one of darkness she was.

NO longer! This is the Dobie Doll AKA Bambi Baby that counts, and can recall, and 'check-ins', that is crate trained and house broken and leash trained and, travels beautifully in a car…this is the amazing wee 'giant' that knows 'front feet up' 'door', 'stay close', 'wait' and 'come' and many many many more words! 😀 She could climb on the couch and HQD would tuck her all in.

The puppy that once was deaf and blind, had a smell impairment in addition to neuro issues has become the dog that is well balanced and quite social and while blind, she does hear 'tones' and 'sounds' and, as her inner ear infections cleared up, she was hearing more and more and, her smell is more focused – except when it comes to food and treats! The, she is in 'piggy' land! 😉 She can focus and she is not as OCD and she, does not resort back to stress behaviour of lip licking and, air grabbing…..

This girl is inspirational…I remember once thinking 'how do I help her'…and 'can I even help her'…..well, she helped me to help her….people say, I am to thank for saving this girl…well, you know what, she was equally if not more, the 'teacher' than I! She was an excellent teacher, and, I her pupil in so many ways…

Simply put, this dog is magnificent and, in doing a transitional adoption over the past few months, it has set her and the home up for success.

I am going to deeply miss my feisty, spunky monkey! AND, her play buddies(YES, she plays!) of the Purse Puppies, BHRR's Groves & Mr. Bubbles are sure going to miss her!!! AND, yes me too…..

I well up and spill tears of so much happiness for this incredible dog!!!! Through, those tears, I am beaming….just beaming…..

THANKS you BHRR's Reese….thank you for touching me so deeply, for being my instructor, for being a mentor, for helping me to help you and for being YOU!!! Thank your trust……I am humbled……….

My wish for her one day, would be to see this gift of a girl, be a therapy dog for, she has an aura about her….that is truly magical and soothing….yet, at the end of the day, my biggest wish of all has come true….a forever loving home of her very own to call 'family'……..

Below is a photo of BHRR's Reese on Saturday May 10th from the home, called 'nap time'. I sent off a new bed with BHRR's Reese, now, to get her to lay on it! One of her big 'siblings' is another BHRR dog and, blessed are we, that we could place another dog in this lovely home. Yes the photo is blurry yet, isn't it still precious!?!