On Friday May 28th, I did a HV for a possible new temp home for one of our BHRR animals and I brought both BHRR’s Shiva plus BHRR’s Mindy along with me. I felt that either one of these two black beauties could be a good fit for this home should the homevisit went well. Either one would be fine in a home that worked full time and to be the only dog AS long as the home ensured that they were going to have the temp foster be part of a regular dog social network. It was a good visit and both Great Danes were model citizens! I was so proud of them!!!! Upon leaving, I told the home once again that they could now talk and decide which one they felt would be a better ‘bond’ and ‘fit’ to their home and gave my own feedback; yet was open to either one being temp fostered by this home. I then received an email that they were finding it hard to choose between them and asked me what my own viewpoint was and in regards to personality; either one; yet with the layout of their home plus the size of their backyard(they indicated they would also be making repairs on their one side of fencing this year and we will re-visit that before winter); I professionally felt that BHRR’s Shiva was a better fit as BHRR’s Mindy is quite a bit taller and bigger than Shiva. YET, when it came down to it, I still was open to either being temp fostered. The home said that they would love on BHRR’s Shiva as a temp foster for BHRR and plans have been made for Shiva to go to this Temp Foster home on Friday June 18th. We will stay in frequent contact and make any adjustments as needed. HOPEFULLY, they will send lots of pictures along with the updates to come our way, so that we can keep her fans updated. Whether BHRR’s Shiva stays with this home for one week, two, 5 weeks or even months; it is of great benefit for more people ‘out’ there to meet this wonderful dog and then they may consider possibly adopting her. 😉 This home will also have the opportunity to experience a Great Dane firsthand! With us knowing that this temp foster home could be coming on board; we did take on BHRR’s Apollo and with his imprending surgery plus that BHRR’s Ava Marie requires another surgery herself; BHRR still is very much full. We could always use more wonderful foster homes!!!! If you are not yet ready to adopt a Great Dane yet would like to assist Rescue, learn more about Great Danes etc.; then fostering might be for you!!! It is a huge win-win for everyone!