I wish to thank those that stayed late with me on Saturday at KAH to review BHRR’s Apollo’s X-Rays. The diagnosis for Apollo ranged from possible Pano, HOD to the eventual possible diagnosis of a partial tear of his meniscus. Per the Vet, the recommendation was to refer his case to one of the top ortho specialists in Ontario, Dr. Denis Philibert, DVM to see what his expert opinion might be. It is thought that perhaps if it is a partial meniscus tear, that Dr. Philibert might be able to do arthroscopic knee surgery for Apollo. In discussions with the Vet on Saturday; my worry was confirmed that though we can continue to try and use rest/Deramaxx over the next 2 weeks or so for Apollo, the great risk is having this tear(if that is what it truly is) affect his ACL. 😥 I do not desire to see this deteroriate to the point that his ACL is also affected. Before BHRR begins to fundraiser in earnest for Apollo, we are going to see what Dr. Philibert has to advise on his case. I also called to discuss his case with Dr. Liston of LAH and he also recommended that Dr. Philibert could do possible arthroscopic knee surgery if it felt to be necessary. The wonderful news is that Apollo’s hips are GREAT and there is not any arthritis, bone spurs or calcification in either one of his knees!!!! His Vet Bills to date are close to $1,000 and any assistance would be so appreciative. Until we hear back from Dr. Philibert, we are going to keep him on the Deramaxx 100mg and rest. I have added new pictures to his slideshow from May 20th, 2010 – # 11 – 15 and have put two below. PLEASE consider helping BHRR’s Apollo. He shall not be placed up for adoption until such time as we better determine his diagnosis and best treatment plan/prognosis. I also forgot mention the ‘happy’ tail this boy had at KAH! It is amazing he did not split open that tail as he banged and knocked it on things in his sheer joy of being loved on by everyone. THERE is something to be said about living in such an open concept home!!!! As I am trying to type this blog, he is determined that I must be petting him instead as he shoves his cold wet nose under my arm and into my side! SUCH a loving boy! I keep trying to tell him that I need to have just a bit of time so I can update his blog to get his story out there for people to fall in love with him as we have at BHRR and that maybe they will perhaps then consider helping him with his bills. That did not seem to work, so I gave him a big bowl full of water to snorkel in and he much preferred that and is happily making a mess now! LOL I am not looking to the him wanting to share the ‘aftermath’ of that with me though! 😛

BHRR’s Apollo – 21 months- May 29th & Apollo with BHRR’s Ava Marie(2 years) giving him a kiss for she understands his pain….