I will be making an appointment to bring BHRR’s Apollo in to see one of my trusted Vets. When he arrived to BHRR, Sean and I noted that he appeared to be a bit stiff/slow with his hind end – pretty¬† much the left knee side – when attempting to stand and took his time getting up yet within the last day or so; he has really had a much harder time getting up even from laying on a thick dog bed. He is not whimpering, crying, has no noticeable swelling, heat, has not been hurt here etc. yet I am not comfortable with how much ‘harder’ Apollo seems to find getting on his feet. It is not normal for a dog this young to act this way and I have given this 10 days of observation and that is more than enough time. I also have not liked how hard it has been to put weight on him since his arrival. He has put on about 7-10 pounds max and while that is not bad by any means in the time he has been here; he just does not seem to be loving to eat. His HWT came back negative yet I might run a full CBC on him to be sure that we are not looking at anything else yet it could be the discomfort of that side/knee that is bothering him. In respect to his microchip, as oft can happen, ones gut feeling on how hard something might turn out to be; can come true. After much effort on our part and plenty of legal documentation sent to the Microchip Company, we finally have the microchip transferred to BHRR. I shall be confirming this to be the actual case(did receive an email confirmation) within the next day or so. I am also going to place a call to a much higher up authority within this microchip company as some of their ‘processes’ regarding a situation like this leaves me quite concerned(and I expressed this concern) of which seemed to be a bit lost on the one Supervisor that I was escalated to in seeking successful resolution with this microchip. The one representative at the microchip company that I had conversed with before this Supervisor was AMAZING and thank you for your time in trying to assist BHRR. We had moved to this microchip company at BHRR a few years back ourselves yet this experience truly has made me think that I might need to re-visit this with my BOD. In the past three years, BHRR has over 250 microchips bought and used through them(the BHRR animals, our own plus 200 bought for three Microchip Clinics Fundraisers held or being held at KAH. What I have done in the meantime, is re-vamp our O/S form somewhat to be even more explicit on the ownership of any microchipped dog including that we shall not take physical control of any dog moving forward without all documentation and proof given to us at the time of surrender. We were not told until I was there to pick up Apollo that he had a microchip(owner said they had trouble sending the forms for our review yet would have them for me when I picked him up) nor that this microchip was not under their current name until I asked upon my arrival at their home to get Apollo. I had explained the situation at the time of surrender about the possible difficulties over this microchip and when I did a gentle follow-up with them about a week+ later as I had not heard back and I am so thankful for his previous owners assistance in contacting his previous owner and having their email still on hand. THANK YOU so much!!!! I had seen over the past few years quite a few posts on various Rescue forums about the complexities other legitimate and registered organizations have had in microchip matters yet this was our first time and I hope to make it the last.