Just a quick update on BHRR’s Apollo. As of last night, he has been fully integrated with all but my show Bluez Boyz and doing awesome! He has just spent three hours this AM roaming and walking in the fenced in yard and he is definitely a ‘ladies’ man and loves those girls! AND still Porridge! LOL He is beginning to eat a bit better now that he is settling in better and is sharing much better already! He has only had one minor ‘grump’ while in his crate and other than that, is becoming a model ‘asset to community/home’ boy. We shall see how things work with the bluez boyz later this week. YAY! BHRR’s Apollo! What a good boy! I will be taking in blood for his HWT most likely today and later this week, we shall do our first nail trim to see how that goes. I had been told he was fine and I would like to work on training those quicks to go back a bit further as I love really short nails on the dogs. The more he understands ‘rules’ plus expectations the more wonderful he is becoming. One cannot fall for his charm or allow him to resource or set him up for failure. I am so loving this dog to date. AND he is sharing the Gwennie much better now!  😛 AND OMG! One of his most fav toys is a soccer ball and he can actually get it in his mouth and he just prances plus dances with it. He will play ‘soccer’ with me and will even retrieve the ball if I roll it a bit away and bring it back and he wrestles with his mouth and he is so gentle!