D. Russell, CDA

I wanted to pass on my ongoing accolades for all that you’re doing in your rescue operation. I continue to be impressed by your thoughtful and descriptive write-ups of all the dogs, and eagerly await update. I was particularly sorry to hear that Snowball and Gracie’s adoptions hadn’t worked out. I know how much work you put into each and every adoption, and that you had enjoyed a 100% track record up until now. I hope you aren’t too hard on yourself with this….after all, my gosh, look at the successes you’ve had…………But this has to just be a supportive “I’m a big fan of yours” email…..I just wanted to say hi again and thank you once again for all your loving dedication to the Danes. I’m hoping to get to the Pet Expo on Sat June 24th, but I’m not sure whether I’ll have to work that day or not. Fingers crossed that I won’t! By the way, thank you for recognizing me on your donation page.