BHRR’s Barkley came to work with me last night and he was a wiggly 40.2 Kgs(88.44 pounds). I know he weighs quite a bit more yet it was hard to get him to stay still.  😛 He still needs a bit more weight and quite a bit more muscle. Those that saw him were very impressed with how amazing he now looked! What I thought was just a lump of scar tissue has been confirmed by the Vet and she agreed with me that he should still be wearing his E-collar when unsupervised so that he does not ‘lick’ at the area and cause a rash. Once he is more emotionally rehabbed, he shall be placed up for adoption. While an experienced Doberman home is preferred, it is not necessary. What is most important for Barkley is finding that right matched home that is going to continue to work on his emotional rehab and have not only an understanding of what he is needs yet can provide that continued NILIF with a firm loving approach. We have been tackling those ‘scary’ door ways plus entrance ways plus chairs and the TV. He is finally able to lie down on a dog bed while the TV is on and not feeling like he has to go into his ‘safe’ spot, his crate. We want people that are interested in BHRR’s Barkley to understand that as we believe in full disclosure that we do not desire to see Barkley set up for failure by placing him in a home that is not going to continue to work on him sharing etc. He is living in harmony with 19 other dogs right now as we set the clear expectation of what is and what is not appropriate behavour. Barkley is thriving under knowing exactly what is and is not approrpiate and he is not confused as to what he needs to do. He is such an affectionate, playful suck and in the right home is going to contiue to thrive and grow in the right positive direction. I am a ‘momma bear’ over all our BHRR dogs, yet I find myself even more so protective of Barkley with all that he has gone through. On our way home on Friday, I received the best of gifts, my very first kiss from BHRR’s Barkley and he gave me not one, but two! No words can explain how much that meant to me! THANKS so much again from our hearts to all that have contributed to his BEGGING FOR BARKLEY Fundraiser!