BHRR’s Storm was spayed today. Everything went wonderfully! She weighed 47.80 KGs(105.16 pounds) AND that means she has put on 19.82 pounds since December 14th(was 39.20 KGS or 86.24 pounds). WTG STORM! The Vet said that her left ovary was normal yet her right ovary was enlarged and also had a large cyst. Her uterus was quite stretched which is very usual in a dog that has had heats and/or false pregnancies. The Vet said it was one of the easiest spays she had done in these types of situations so I am SOOOOOOO relieved!!!! I will bring her home with me after my shift tonight and I have been back to her run a couple of times and she is recovering well. She is such a doll! In about 3 weeks time, she should be healed enough to be placed up for adoption!